How a stone wall in Delhi transformed the way it looked in the 1970s

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The story of how a stone monument in a busy area of Delhi transformed into a landmark that has been on the radar of architects for generations is a story worth telling.

Built in the early 1970s, the Stone Gate is one of the earliest examples of a concrete wall built by the British Indian National Army (BIA) to protect the city from an invading British Army.

Built of mud bricks and granite, the stone wall has stood as a reminder of the British invasion of India, a legacy that continues to haunt this day. 

The story begins in the 1920s when the British Army captured the city of Delhi.

It was here that British troops took over the city after a coup d’état led by General Ziaul Haq, a Hindu nationalist.

The British took control of the city, and they built the first Indian-style stone wall that protected the city’s walls and gates from the outside.

 The first British-style Stone Gate in the UK article A stone wall is a rectangular block of stone built on the site of an ancient building, usually the remains of an older structure.

It is usually made of brick and mortar and is typically constructed in such a way that it will stand up to the elements.

This is achieved by adding plaster or lime to the bricks, and the stones are then placed in place by hand.

The construction of stone gates was largely done by contractors from England.

A few stone gates were built in India, but none had ever been completed in the West Indies.

In the late 19th century, British troops from the Indian Army, known as the “Army of the West”, attacked the British-controlled port city of Bombay and the British took over large sections of the Indian coast.

It was during this time that a British-era stone gate in Delhi was constructed, as the British believed that the area would be safer in a fortified port.

“The British were building a stone gate and had built a wall around the town, but we decided to do something to protect our own city and to keep the British from entering,” said a British soldier who did not want to be identified.

“We started from the stone gate, then we added bricks to it, then made the wall taller and stronger.”

A British soldier at the Stone Gates site in Delhi.

(Image source: Wikipedia) The British soldiers at the site believed that a strong wooden wall could be used to prevent them from entering the city.

To do so, they built a brick wall, a concrete slab, and then a brick arch on the outside of the stone gates. 

“We decided to make a wooden arch so the people could not go in,” said the soldier.

At this point, the British decided to demolish the entire wall.

“It is a pity that they demolished the stone walls, but there were no problems in the British system,” he said.

For almost a century, the site was a tourist attraction and the soldiers took great pride in the work of the builders. 

During the war years, the soldiers built the gates themselves and took over construction.

The gates were later demolished, but a stone arch remained to honour the soldiers who had died protecting the city for so long.

Nowadays, the gates remain standing, and a new visitor centre, the Indian-Style Stone Gate, stands at the spot. 

Read more about the StoneGate at the National Archives here


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