What’s inside the BMW x3 Interior?

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Interior design schools in the Middle East and North Africa, where BMWs are most popular, are being forced to re-think their interior designs to make them more efficient and modern, as a result of an increase in passenger vehicles.

In addition to the standard 3-door coupe and 3- or 4-door hatchback, BMW has introduced the new x3, which has a new look and feel.

The interior is also being updated, with the x3 being fitted with a leather-wrapped dashboard and new infotainment systems.

“The new interior is based on a new generation of materials that offer superior comfort and the ability to change materials without affecting the performance,” said Andreas Stinger, chief designer at BMW’s BMW Institute in Herzliya.

“We’re also working to increase the use of sustainable materials, including materials from sustainable sources such as recycled plastic bags and recycled glass.”

Stinger explained that the x1 was also updated with new materials, but it has remained largely the same.

“This is what we would like to see from a BMW interior design school, but they can only offer it with the best materials and materials are still very expensive,” Stinger told The Jerusalem Times.

“Our intention is to offer this to the students and teachers from the beginning, so that they can see the way that the BMW interior is being made, but also have a look at the different materials that are used to make the BMW cars.”

“It’s about the design of the car, but we’re also interested in the environment as well,” Stiger said.

“We want them to see the beauty of a BMW vehicle in the light of the environment and to have the feeling of being in a different part of the world, from a very different point of view,” he said.

While there are now more than 40,000 BMWs in Israel, the institute is only allowed to offer one design school a year.

“With the introduction of the new cars, we are able to offer the new BMW interior for free,” said Stinger.

“Our students are not only the ones who have the chance to see how the BMW is made, they are also the ones to learn how to make BMW cars in a sustainable way.”


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