What to know about the 2018 Corvette Stingray interior

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With the debut of the Corvette Stingrays new interior design, the 2018 model is set to receive a number of improvements, including improved seating and cargo areas.

However, the new interior features still need to be evaluated for comfort, usability and usability and ergonomics, according to a review published by AutoGuide.

The review comes from Car and Driver.

In addition to the interior, the review also looked at the 2018’s exterior.

The new 2018 Corvette, while designed with the same high-end exterior design as its predecessor, will feature new styling cues.

The exterior will receive new body panels with a new front fascia and a new hood and tailgate.

The 2018 Corvette will also have new rear bumper design.

The company has yet to release a specific price for the 2018 C7 Corvette Stingrays interior, but it will cost $39,995.

The body kit will cost about $5,000 more than the standard Corvette Stingar.

Other updates include a new engine management system, a redesigned steering wheel, a new instrument cluster, and a redesigned rear seat.

The next-generation Corvette will arrive in 2018.

The 2018 Corvette is expected to be the most expensive car in the United States, according, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Read moreThe 2018 model will likely be the first car in years to be powered by the 3.0L V6 engine, which was previously powered by a 2.5L V8.

In addition to improved interior and exterior features, the 2019 Corvette will feature a new powertrain that will provide the most fuel economy of any production car, according an analysis published by Cars.com.

The automaker will use a 5.0-liter V6 diesel engine in the 2019 model year.

The 2019 Corvette also has a new seven-speed automatic transmission.


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